Forum Rules. Remember Me? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Stereo upgrade. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Aug Location sydney Posts Stereo upgrade. Just wondering if any of you blokes have removed the old radio cassette on a D1 and replaced it with a more modern unit with CD and ipod connections? The volume control has a mind of its own and the cassette player's only function is to eject whatever you put in it!

Been looking at some Alpine stereos that seem to fit the budget, but I figure a lot of them won't fit the housing and maybe they have different wiring connectors. If someone has been down this road and knows of a unit which is easy to install I'd be keen to hear about it.

Chrs Mark. Join Date Jan Location tom price the pilbra, west aust Posts I have an alpine cd player in mine with ipod, bluetooth, cd and the works I recommend a blue tooth if you use your mobile often. Yep I changed mine. It was pretty easy. I only realised afterwards that you can buy adapters though, so i went through the tedious process of using a multi-meter and re-wiring to get mine working.

discovery 3 stereo upgrade

I'm pretty sure I have the wiring colour coding bookmarked at home if you want. Let me know Thanks one and all, Sounds straight forward enough with an adaptor. Would jaycar have them do you think? Not sure, but certainly worth trying. I usually find ebay is great for those kind of things.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Buying a D4, what stereo is easiest to upgrade??? Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Buying a D4, what stereo is easiest to upgrade??? I am planning on buying a 3. A car stereo is of high importance to me and I plan on upgrading the lot I've tested out a PremiumICE example and wasn't that impressed. Also, how useful is the offroad info screen, do people actually use it or just put it on as a cool gimmick??? I've sourced these Cleansweep devices that will allow me to tap into the factory unit and output the signal to a new amp, but then how do I add the camera and bluetooth functionality???

This issue and selling my old Navara are all that are holding me up, but I really want to sort it out before I buy something. Tombie Guest. Welcome Audiophile Welcome to your new nightmare! The Stereos are all Canbus linked and integrated into the vehicle systems.

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Nothing is impossible, but be prepared to bleed some serious cash! Seriously though, how good does a stereo in a vehicle need to be, it's a crap sound stage, full of induced harmonics lows and highs and noise at speed, even though the vehicles are quiet, destroys purity. Good luck The vehicle is worth it regardless As Tombie said. However if you need that little extra, just fit your preferred car radio into the car, separate to the car systems leaving the original radio where it is.

Fit the new radio under a seat or somewhere with a remote control somewhere within reach. Just remember that the install deadening, solid baffles, speaker positioning, etc.

Even the base model stereo in D4 has bluetooth phone - and it works really well. Toombie - how is your proposed setup going?Forum Rules. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Repair or replace radio unit Disco 3.

Discovery 3 Radio/CD Players

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Repair or replace radio unit Disco 3. Hi everyone, I have a Disco 3 and the radio has stopped working. I have confirmed that it is broken and not just a fuse issue etc. The model number is VUX Tombie Guest. This happened to another member. No fuses blown etc just wouldn't work. Have you done a full reset of the vehicle!? Thanks Dave. Mine is a single CD, is that the one you saw or is their another one I have missed? Cheers, Tim. Hi Tombie, yes I disconnected the battery and that got it working for half a day but it keeps failing.

Is their something else I should try? Originally Posted by Disco3man. You disconnected it, but did you do the reset as well? It doesn't sound like I have. What is the steps for a reset? That's exactly the one! Thank you very much for all your help.

Discovery LR3 - 3 Main Problems

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discovery 3 stereo upgrade

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date May Location sydney Posts Stereo in D2 upgrade. I am interested in changing the factory stereo in my D2, I am thinking of one of those units with reversing camera, bluetooth, maybe dvd etc. I want it to look as factory as possible. Price doesn't woory me that much. Any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks Pete. G'day Pete. It has transformed the interior. It has a 3. Fits perfectly with no mods necessary. I'd imagine there are some even better units available now but I highly recommend JVC.

Regards Robbo. Any single DIN unit will fit so it's up to you which stereo will suit with the features you want. I have an Alpine unit. Make sure you change the door speakers as they make a HUGE difference. I put a 12" Rockford Fosgate sub with the amp attached to the back of it with connectors so I could take it out easy when I go camping or need the space.

discovery 3 stereo upgrade

I put the amp on the back of the speaker and not under the seat incase water got in and is powered by the 2nd battery. I got it installed by Freeway Car Audio in Dandenong and they did a great job. The standard unit has ISO plugs, these are the black and brown plugs. If you find a unit that takes ISO plugs not pioneer, sony, kenwood, JVC they all have there own propriety plug it should also plug straight in. If you have a look in Autobarn you'll see on the wall heaps of adapter plugs to go from all the big brand units to ISO.

So even if you decide on a big brand unit I highly suggest getting an adapter cable to avoid cutting the original harness. The big question i've been wondering After all they are using ISO plus.We've detected you're not using the most up-to-date version of your browser.

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Technology that tailors audio to varied cabin surfaces of Land Rover vehicles for believable music reproduction. The state-of-the-art British audio system by Meridian brings an authentic taste of original performance to your Land Rover vehicle.

Discovery 3 Range Rover Sport Android Navigation with CarPlay and Android Auto

For additional details please contact your authorized Land Rover Retailer. Your Land Rover cabin is the ideal place to experience your personal choice of music. Meridian Surround Sound System delivers all the fullness and clarity of a live performance through up to 19 front, side and rear speakers, watts and a dual channel subwoofer — seamlessly brought together using exclusive Trifield technology by Meridian.

Experience the difference. Meridian develops unique technologies to deliver believable musical performance on the move.

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Brings all elements of the audio system together as one, for performance that would otherwise require significantly larger speakers. Meridian Digital Dither Shaping ensures that digital signal conversions are made smoothly and seamlessly, preserving the finest details of the audio performance. The result is authentic musical conversion, evoking the emotions of the original recording. Exclusive to Meridian, Trifield blends the center and surround channels seamlessly with left and right channels, delivering a consistent, concert-like experience for all occupants.

Through the addition of dedicated height channels, the sense of cabin space is expanded to a 3D experience — for a supreme sense of scale and definition to your music. The partnership between Meridian and Land Rover celebrates the finest in British luxury, refined capabilities and custom car audio.

The three Meridian audio systems feature advanced technology to create superb stereo or surround sound throughout the Land Rover cabin and to enhance musical clarity and authenticity. Meridian audio technology has helped ensure that Land Rover cabins deliver the most superb space within which to enjoy music. Vehicle shown: Range Rover. This Land Rover visual is for representation purposes only. The position of the speakers may vary based on the model chosen. Stay informed on the latest information regarding Land Rover Experiences and other news.

Arrange an on-road test drive through your nearest Land Rover retailer.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Disco 3 upgrade options? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Disco 3 upgrade options? Hi All, I just joined today. I have a D3. No issues either. I'm now at the point where i would like to start upgrading bits n pieces. I'm hoping someone can help with a few queries i have I do have the message center in dash cluster, air-susp etc.

One other thing i can't seem to work out is how to change my dist to empty on message center from miles to kms? Any help or advice on would be appreciated greatly. Thanks all, hope to chat to some of you soon Kent. Welcome aboard Kent. Have a good look around this area,lots of good info.

discovery 3 stereo upgrade

There are options others have done,but basically it needs to be there. You will find this mob very helpful. Thanks LandyAndy, I appreciate the advice and reply. I have the auto serviced regularly for piece of mind aswell.

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I'm just looking through the forum at the moment and yes there is some gold here! Just trying to find some relevant.

Thanks again. I would imagine that the distance to empy in miles would need to be changed in the cars CCF - you'll be needing one of the diagnostic units that can edit the CCF to do that. If you look on Disco3. There are other threads around here about aftermarket fits all of which have their pros and cons.

If you're interested in a more modern interface for the stereo, you could always look at something like a small tablet mounted in the cubby box and connected to the stereo AUX using an inline signal booster adjustable inline amp and then use the tablet as the interface and music source.Forum Rules.

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No more pairing each time I get in the car when I could be bothered and in car phone book enabled to boot!! Very happy. Originally Posted by Oztourer. It's the factory install. The early D3's had an issue with iPhones not reconnecting via Bluetooth every time you started the car. If you don't have the capability to reprogram ecu's e.

Nanocom then there is an exchange service available from the UK Bluetooth Exchange. I was going to get an exchange unit but when I bought the Nanocom I discovered I could do the software upgrade myself. I didn't realise Wiggs sold install kits. I didn't realise this was possible via nanocom! I have an issue with my Bluetooth where about 30 seconds into every call it breaks up and sounds like I'm "underwater" to the receiver and the same when they talk to me.

I wondering if this would help. I have a HTC one m8. Originally Posted by Timmy. Having a look on the site, there seems to be a guy "wiggz" that does a lot of Bluetooth stuff and suggests a swap to a D4 Bluetooth module is viable and get extra features.

I need to check if I have the after market or original kit I guess. Does the exchange service. Went out to the car to check what password I have to pair with. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Google. The time now is AM.